Dog Behaviors And The Benefits of Using A Dog Sex Doll

this simple toy could be helpful if your dog is in a urge
Buying The Right Animal Sex Toy
you should buy this sex toys for your dog if Once you see your dog showing signs of physical maturity
What Is The Best Age For Dogs To Use Dog Sex Toys?

Dog Behaviors And The Benefits of Using A Dog Sex Doll

this dog doll is specially made for female dog


Dog masturbation is a common thing for dog owners. There are a lot of owners who use this process in order to help their pets release their urges. However, there is more to this behaviour than meets the eye. This gave birth to a variety of dog sex toy, dog penis sex toy, and dog sex dolls.


When your dog is humping and mounting everything in sight, there is often a reason for that. If you have a puppy, using a dog sex toy can function as a way for your buddy to practice for future encounters.


However, as your puppy grows into a dog, their needs vary. The need for a dog sex doll or a dog penis sex toy becomes apparent.


Even if you do decide to neuter your pet, you would realize that they will continue to masturbate and hump things. The reason for this fact is because they have learned that doing such feels good.


For a female dog in heat, she may also show off some mounting behavior if she is in heat. For male dogs, humping becomes necessary when they are stopped from penetrating a female dog in heat.


For the female dog, a dog penis sex toy is necessary when it is in heat. This product ensures that she would not hump another male dog or another female dog. It also helps her release her bodily tension.


For the male dog, a dog sex doll is necessary especially when he has been exposed to a female dog who is currently releasing sex hormones. 

How Do You Know The Cause of A Behavior?

There are different ways to determine if your dog is in need of a dog sex toy or a dog sex doll. A pet owner should first determine the source of the behavior before doing an action.

this dog doll will be a great relief if the dog is in urge

Play Time

Sometimes our pets may show activities such as thrusting and mounting as part of their play behavior. If they are playing, you will notice that they will not show an erection during playtime. If your dog is showing this kind of behavior, they might be no need for a dog sex doll in the meantime. You may opt to buy him a chew toy instead.


Sexual Behavior

When your pet is mounting everything in sight, you should get a dog sex doll ready. Most of the actions that are sexually motivated are shown by their behavior, such as:

  • When they have their tails up;
  • When there is pawing;
  • When their ears are rotated backwards;
  • When there is excessive licking; and
  • When they are playing in a bowing position.


These behaviors are considered as sexually motivated. If you see him show off these behaviors, a dog sex doll may already be necessary.


using this dog sex toy can function as a way for your buddy to practice for future encounters.

Social Behavior

When your pet is also displaying mounting behavior during social events, he may just be considering it as playtime. As long as your pet is not showing an erection, this part should not be a problem. Have a dog penis sex toy on the ready when you reach home or a dog sex toy.

Compulsive Disorders

Some dogs develop compulsive behaviors that may be seen in a sexual way but sometimes that is not the case. If you are unsure of his behavior, a dog sex doll should be ready or a simple dog sex toy may do.

In Response to Outside Stimulus

When your dog is excited or stressed, he may also show thrusting and mounting behavior. This one should not be a problem if the act does not include penetration and ejaculation on your dog. To help him control stimulus, a dog sex toy may help.

More Serious Problems

There are also some serious situations you may want to look out. When your dog is showing some mounting behavior, you should try to rule out the following issues:

  • urinary incontinence;
  • Painful erections;
  • urinary tract infections; and
  • Persistent skin allergies.


If your dog is suffering from any of these conditions, they may show off behavior that includes licking and rubbing their bodies against items. Before ruling out the more serious problems, you should consider getting a veterinarian to rule it out. Best case, you only need to buy a dog sex doll for your buddy.

this dog doll is specially made for female dog

How To Address Excessive Mounting

If your pet is becoming too aggressive, you may want to do the following:

  • Consult a veterinarian to find out what the problem is;
  • Buy a dog sex doll to help your dog ease the burden of his urges;
  • Hire a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB); or
  • Hire a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT).


During the process, you should try to observe your dog for a certain period of time. This part is so you can determine the cause of your dog’s behavior.


There are also more permanent solutions that some pet owners consider, such as:


Training your pet to use a dog sex toy instead of looking for any other object. It may seem like a problem because dog training is not easy. In the long run, however, you will realize that it is easier to train your puppy than to face excessive humping.


Spaying or neutering your pet is also a more permanent solution. While this decision may not altogether end his activity, it will reduce his sexual motivation.

this toy helps ease the burden of your dog's urges

If you have a male dog neutering helps you control him. He may be less motivated from humping any female dog in heat.


For the owner of a female dog, spaying her would help her resist humping. It prevents you from spending money on a surprise litter of puppies.


On a more serious note, medical problems such as testicular cancer or mammary cancer may also be prevented. When your dog doesn’t hump or mount a lot, the stress he causes to his body is less.


You may also want to spend more money on a professional trainer. A professional can help you teach your dog how to act on certain times and activities. He may also help you on the proper use of a dog sex toy.

these toys help the owners control their dogs

Use Items To Help You

If your pet becomes uncontrollable when he is having an urge, you should help him out. If you cannot control the mounting behavior, you may control the unwanted effects of sexual activity. In your hands, you hold the future of your pets as well as your wallet.

this sex toy is helpful for it can relief your dog

If you buy a dog sex doll today, you may not have to feed a whole litter of puppies in the future. There is no need for you to replace an expensive lamp. You also prevent getting in trouble when you can stop your dog from humping a stranger’s dog. The cost that you spend on today is nothing compared to the savings that you will have tomorrow.

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