Helping Your Dog Get the Best Sex Dog Toy

there is a cute dog lyinf on the ground with his little toy
Why does your dog need a dog hump toy?
Reaching the Orgasmic Stars with Dog Dildo Toy

Helping Your Dog Get the Best Sex Dog Toy

this cartoon animal sex pet toy is a best partner for a dog

The frequency of your dog’s humping is making you worried sick you have been playing with the idea of getting a sex dog toy for him. You hate the embarrassment you have to endure every time he mounts on a new visitor that comes to the house. You have tried to teach him out of the act, engaging him with games and calling him over whenever he starts mounting, but it has not worked so far.

This mounting business is beginning to get out of hand. Moreover, you don’t know what your dog finds interesting about jumping behind a person. With his fellow dogs, you can understand but with humans and objects? No way!

there is a dog and a cute sex dog toy, and the sex dog toy has two foots and two hands

Hold your horses!

A dog hump toy is a great choice.

However, before you run off to get the sex dog toy for your dog, know this:

The dog sex toy is not a substitute for your care and attention.

Also, your dog would still mount other dogs, sometimes, even after you’ve bought him the sex dog toy.

Because humping/mounting, according to Gary Landsberg, DVM, a veterinary behaviorist in Ontario, Canada, is a “common play gesture.” It is so common that “you’ll often see one dog mount another, then a few minutes later they’ll switch off, and the other dog will mount the first dog.”

If the consistency of your dog’s mounting other dogs scares you, then that should put you at rest.


a white little dog is given a cute sex dog toy

There are times when you need to be wary of your dog’s consistency with the dog hump toy. How often he mounts the sex dog toy and whether or not he’s getting too attached to the dog hump toy.

However, before I get into that, here are some things you need to keep in mind when you want to order that dog sex toy from an online store or a dog sex toy down the road.

1. The size of your dog: Same way not all humans are of same height and weight, so also are dogs. When you are making that order for the sex dog toy, look at the height and width of the sex doll before buying. You don’t want to get a dog hump toy of 4.7 inches tall for a dog that is 8.6inches tall. Because most dog sex toys are made with a “no slide” design, you should buy one that’s either of same height as the dog or a few inches less than the dog’s height.

2.The materials: Although most sex dog toys are made from silicon and plastic, still you should check before buying. There are several sex dog toys made from steel, rubber and some from PVCs. Silicon is the preferred material for most dog sex toys and dog hump toys because of its softness and ease of use.

this is a classical sex dog toy, and most dog like this toy

In addition to the toy’s softness, the toys do not injure the dog when he mounts it. When a dog mounts a dog hump toy, he is wont to go rough with the rumping. If the toy’s material is hard, the dog would get bruises. Some companies use polyethylene for the body of sex dog toys because of the softness of the material. Moreover, it is recyclable, so if you are an environmentally friendly person, this is a win. Also, there are some dog sex toys with  irreplaceable cones. When you can’t replace the cone of your dog hump toy, you hinder the dog from experiencing the full range of sexual pleasure that is available to him with a replaceable cone. A cone is that hole at the back of the dog hump toy where the dog (for male dogs) puts his penis. Cones are the vagina of the dog hump toy. Cones make the humping feel like a true sexual experience with a bitch. Another reason why you need a sex dog toy made from silicon and plastic is that they are easy to clean. When your dog messes the sex dog toy, you can easily use a piece a wet cloth to clean the toy.

After you’ve gotten the dog hump toy, you might worry about maintenance and how to help your dog use it. In truth, your dog is already waiting with gated breath to hump on the toy and do his thing, but still…

You would need to put the dog hump toy in a place where he can easily reach it. You don’t want the dog hump toy slipping off the ground when your dog mounts it. Dog sex toys, e.g., hot dolls, are made with ‘no slide system’ so they can hold firm on the ground. If your dog is one who loves it rough, you have no worries; the sex toy is truly ‘grounded.’

there is a black dog playing with his sex dog toy

The sex dog toy is easy to clean and maintain. So, let’s say after your dog has done his thing with the sex dog toy, releasing sperm and all the other dirt from his body, you would need to clean it. All you have to do is detach the cone, clean it with soap and water. You can also clean the main body part with a piece of cloth that has been soaked in soapy water.

With sex dog toys, you, however, need to be careful not to allow it to be your dog’s only companion. It shouldn’t replace you in your dog’s life. Humping isn’t only a result of sexual urges on dogs, it can also be a way of showing affection. So it would help if you still gave your dog the time he needs, trains him not to depend solely on the sex dog toy and take out time to play with him when he’s humping on his dog hump toy. Your dog might lose his ability to socialize with other dogs as well as with humans if it solely depends on the sex dog toy for companionship.

You love your dog, and I know you want him to have fun and stay active. So get him that dog hump toy, but still, be there for him when you can.

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