Why does your dog need a dog hump toy?

this cartoon animal sex pet toy is a best partner for a dog
Helping Your Dog Get the Best Sex Dog Toy

Why does your dog need a dog hump toy?

there is a cute dog lyinf on the ground with his little toy

When you see your dog mounting other dogs at the park, you should not fret. What you need to do is to get that dog a dog hump toy. 

Humping or mounting is not a strange behavior with dogs; it is natural.

Some days ago I went to the park with my dog, Pat. Pat is a three-year-old Labrador retriever I had recently bought. I had never taken Pat outside before, so I allowed her to run around in the park. I wanted Pat to meet other dogs and socialize with them. No sooner had I let pat run around the park than she started jumping on the back of other dogs. The owners of the dogs and the dogs themselves were irritated. 

there is a cute dog lyinf on the ground with his little toy

‘Get this dog a dog sex toy before it’s too late,’ a stout man with jet black hair and a round stomach shouted at me. 

I had never heard of a dog hump toy before that day. I thought he was joking so I replied,

“When did dogs start having dog dildos? Is that even a thing?” 

The man looked at me, scrunched his face into a frown, and stood up. He came up to me and asked me if I were truly serious with the question I had asked.

“Serious?’ I said, laughing, “I was not serious.”

“So would you get this beautiful dog a dog hump toy then?”

My laugh melted into a serious face. Now I was lost. What was this man saying? I was new to owning a dog, even though I was in my mid-twenties.

“I thought you were joking when you talked about the dog hump toy,” I said, my face serious this time.

“No, I wasn’t. Dogs need dog hump toys to help them during their heat season.”

“Please tell me more. I feel embarrassed by what Pat did today.”

“I am sorry about that. Dogs mount other dogs for many reasons,’

this is a black sex dog toy,and it is common for dogs

Reasons For Mounting In Dogs

There are lots of reasons why dogs hump on other dogs. This behavior, if controlled, is nothing to worry about, but if it isn’t controlled, can lead to a myriad of problems. Although a natural behavior, untrained dogs who mount any and every dog, and humans, can be quite embarrassing.

So, why do dogs mount or hump?

For sexual purpose: one of the significant reasons why veterinary behaviorists would readily suggest a dog hump toy for a humping dog is because it helps them release pent up sexual hormones. When female or male dogs in heat, even dogs that have been neutered, they need to hump on another dog or a human. This event is natural and should not be taken as an abnormality. Because dogs need to let those raging hormones go, they need a partner to mount.

there is a little black dog playing with a toy

For dominance: You might be wondering why you need to get a dog hump toy for your dog when you have already neutered him. Because humping isn’t only about sex for other dogs, the older ones hump on other dogs to ascertain dominance, and at other times to be dominated. Dominance also means that dogs get excited when they see people. Since some of the dogs have not been properly trained on socializing, so they tend to hump on some people they like.

As play gesture: Dogs are social animals. They like to play and relate. For some of these dogs, they hump on other dogs as a form of play gesture. For the dogs that have been properly trained, they only mount a few dogs and are gone. While for the untrained, they keep changing hump partners, much to the distaste of the owners and the dogs.

Medical problems: Although mounting is normal social behavior, it can also be caused by medical issues such as urinary incontinence, Priapism (persistent, often painful erections) and sometimes skin allergies. If these issues are not treated early enough, they can lead to abnormal mounting, a medical condition that should be urgently looked into. Aside humping, dogs who suffer from these medical problems lick and chew their genital area. 

a spotted dog put his foot on a red dog hump toy,and he is going to play with this toy

“The reasons that I have highlighted,” the man said, tightening his grip around his leash to keep his greyhound from running off, “are more than enough to get your dog a dog sex toy.”

‘Won’t this dog dildo toy be harmful to my Pat?” I asked.

“No, it won’t. These dog sex toys are made with special silicone and plastic materials so that your dog won’t get injured.”

“Wow! It is great. What of the times when Pat defecates on the what did you call it again?” I asked.

“Dog hump toy,” he replied, flashing a bright smile.

“Yes, how do I clean when it is dirty?”

“You don’t have to worry your head about that; they are easy to clean. You can trust me on that.”

He got up and patted Pat on the back, ruffling her hair. 

“Lovely Pat here needs a companion, you know. She needs her sex toy.”

I thanked him. The next day I got Pat, the dog dildo Toy, and I am glad I did.


Serves as a companion to a dog.

Makes dog calmer when in heat.

Dogs that have hump toys are generally less aggressive because of the companionship of the toys.

Makes some dogs less territorial. 

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